“If it was defeat then you just need to train harder.If it was about your companions, then you just need to train harder to be stronger to protect them. If it was about becoming a hollow, then just become strong enough until you can shatter it in an instant. Even if you can’t rely on anyone else, just pull yourself together and roar. The you that still lives in my heart Ichigo, would do exactly that!”  
Rukia to Ichigo 

And I just feel moved when I read this. Currently, I am sooo into Bleach lately and I love the theme and its story brought. Moreover, i love one pairing in Bleach, maybe you can guess it by reading my quotes above. Yup! IchiRuki or Ichigo Kurosaki with Rukia Kuchiki. I know…some of you must realize that Bleach is Shonen Manga (so that romance is not the main theme in the story) and so far that I know Kubo Tite (the creator of Bleach) doesn’t intend to make it as a romance manga things. In story, Rukia has been Ichigo’s namka (comrade), closest friends that he trust to and it happens the other way around.

I don’t read the manga that thoroughly. I just read moment-moment when Ichigo and Rukia have scenes, either sweets or the hard one (mostly when Rukia kick or punch Ichigo hahaha) and i just love this pairing. They just act sooo naturally, sooo lovable in their own way. Rukia was there when Ichigo needs someone to kick his own stubbornness or sadness and make some senses to him. Ichigo, be the one that Rukia can count on.

And quotes above just..move my heart. It is so touchy.. to need someone who know you so deeply and sharing deep bond with you who can say like that. Don’t you think you will be happy to have someone like that?


Finishing everything in my thought.



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