Something that I always forgot (to be grateful for)

Grateful in Islam is one of activities that are encouraged since it shows us how thankful we are for everything that God has given for us. For me, Grateful is not always saying ‘Alhamdulillahhirabbil’alamiin’ but also the reflection why we are thankful about this thing and understand that only because of His permission that good thing happen to us. For some thing or event, the benefit was clearly shown. For example getting the money (so you use it to buy other things) or meet your soulmate. However, some other are not that tangible hence need more awareness to realize and more effort for me to reflect why I should be grateful for this.
One of them are being surrounded by many good people in my daily activities. For me who is still learning to eliminate my insecurity, being surrounded by others can bring two sides of coin effect. The positive one is that I can motivate myself to be better and the negative one is I become insecure because they are ‘that good’. So far, surrounded by many good people bring many good benefits for me. First of all, they understand my insecurity. Instead of scolding me, they show many good things that are in me. Though I have many things to be improved, but I still have more things that I am good enough and these are something that I should be proud of.
They set me straight when I am drown in many negative emotion. Insted of belitle me, their good also motivate me to be better. They make me realize that I also have something that only belong to me that I can contribute to others. And they never let me forget about this. They understand my need to be nurtured, my need to ramble and getting out all of panic emotion when sudden thing happen to you. They can be harsh when giving feedback, but they do it with best intention at heart.
To know that every step I take, I was surrounded by this good people is just…amazing and I should be grateful for it. Hopefully, I also can be that ‘good people’ for other. Aaaamiiin

Dedicated to many good people around me


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