Good Food, Good View, Good Life (Experience)


South Sulawesi is a place that I frequently visit in 2016, compare to other Provinces in Indonesia. Besides Enrekang, Tana Toraja and Toraja Utara, I got chance to visit Makassar (heol, people know, but trust me that it will be different as I will tell you in this article), Pangkep and Gowa. This lovely places is a target of my research in gender topic with Aa Andi, Mbak Ari dan Mbak Tanti.

Though the population is Districts, in fact, we only choose two villages in each District to represent the topic, however, since it is not a research report, I won’t write the detail for you. In Makassar, we got chance to take data in place called Kodingaren Island. It was located two-hours-trip from Makassar by boat. Don’t imagine Ferry or Speedboat like Jakarta to Thousand Island, it was literally boat that was made from wood. The departure time itself is so rare. From Kodingaren Island to Makassar city, the boat will only departure at 6.30 am and got back from Makassar to Kodingaren Island at 10 am. There will be no boat that will sail after that since the wave condition is soo dangerous for sailing.

At first, I have no expectation by visiting Kodingaren. Mbak Ari dan Mbak Tanti only fulfilled my thought about how hard to get there and I didn’t look any info to it. After two-hours-trip with slee-wake up-sleep cycle, finally, we arrived aaaaand I was veryyyyyyyy happpyyyy. WHY?

The Island is sooo blue, beautiful and I was so excited to explore the island. When the boat docked, the sea is so clean (hmm, yeah there are definitely some rubbishes float or settled on the beach, however, the pollution is not thick so the sea water is so clean) and I could see Nemo below the dock. In Kodingaren, we should do questionnaire surveys to some people and we can finish 41 people in 5 hours. Because there is no boat after 12 pm, we decide to stay at Kodingaren Island. We don’t get any Inns and homestay. The leader of Kelurahan was so kind to lend us Balai Desa in the beach for us to sleep. And tada! that is why I can get beautiful photos of sunrise at the beach

Another Island that I visit is Mattiro Baji in Pangkep regions. Not like Kodingaren, it only takes 2o minutes trip for Pangkep Port. That is why, I think the water is not as clean as in Kodingaren’s. That is too bad actually since the Island is also beautiful. I can see the shipwreck from far away. The sky is blue, the weather is so nice for Sea-trips. In Mattiro Baji, a couple are so kind to offer us some fish and crabs as you can see in photo above. Unfortunately, I didn’t eat the crabs because of my allergic 😦 (Well, I’ve just realized that me eating crab doesn’t show any allergic reaction, aiisshh). However the fish is soo goood hence it compensates the crabs

Those experiences really teach me that usually I get beautiful experience in unexpected ways. I kinda hope that in the futures, life will be so kind to get me more good experience. Pray for me, will you?

Balikpapan, going to sleep





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