You have done your best, We feel it and we can’t thank you enough!
Happy mother’s day! I love you, Ma :”)

Cibubur, another heartwarming moment


It’s okay to have children in this world. World needs more good people

While looking for TVC’s drink for my work as market researcher. I’ve found this video… Please do watching, it’s touchy..

Have you watched it? I know this video promote project of one big company in the world, but don’t you get the insight?

I do want to be a mom. I always tell to people that I do want to be a mom. I want to have kids and I want them to grow properly. I want them to reach many possibilities and bring the best as they can. I will try my hardest so that they can get the best things. But I also worry, about whether i can be a good mom for them and whether that world is good for my children. You know, world has enough things to scare, to harm new little baby, starting from war, environmental damage, limitation of food and clean water, so if i bring children to the world, can they live their life to the fullest?

The video gives me some hope. We don’t have to be worry. They are things that normally, we worry and afraid but still we can do something. By what? By raising my children to be a good people, who cares about others and world. If more good people live, world will be healthier and happier, right? By raising them to be good, i also should be a good mom, I should shape and learn first to be good so that I can raise them well and hopefully become a good people.

I kinda embarrassed about it. I feel like children who can only whine without doing anything. Yeah I do want to be a mom, but have I done something to better myself? No, I haven’t, sadly. So I should change right, learn to be a better person until I see you, kids!

P.s: I wish that someday My kids will see my writings so they know I do want them to be a good people and world needs them, and the important thing is I love them 🙂

Kampus, still waiting for my brother

Menjadi Pahlawan

psychology of evil

Link above will bring you to the Ted Video about Psychology of Evil from Zimbardo, one of social psychologist who I respect the most. In the end, he also talks about how someone can also be a hero. This is a short quotation from Zimbardo (because  you better watch it than reading from my blog) 😛  “The key to heroism is two things. A: you’ve got to act when other people are passive. B: you have to act socio-centrically, not egocentrically”

So Happy Hero-Day folks!


Cibubur, besok cuti yeaay!

despite of this video is advertisement of Garuda, i am soo happy to watch this video. You can see the child’s expression is very natural and soooo genuine. That happiness and excitement is contagious, I think, like you can see in other passengers and me who watch this. I am not the big fans of Liverpool (you should note this) but I think I will be  extremely happy (even jump  :p ) if I meet my idol hehhehe. Lucky you, kid!

Cibubur, yayness!